The Tovari B.V. cutlery collection consists of various designs of knives, forks, spoons, tea spoons, fish cutlery, etc. manufactured in chrome steel, stainless steel and silver-coated. Coloured stainless steel cutlery in a variety of colours is also available such as bronze, gold and black in both mat and polyurethane, aka poly coating.

A few examples of the renown brands to be found at Tovari B.V.:

Tovari B.V. has the exclusive rights to sell Broggi cutlery in the Netherlands. Broggi has been manufacturing silver cutlery since 1818. This Italian manufacturer produces their ware in Europe. The consistent quality of this tableware makes it extra special.

Hepp is a subsidiary company of steel product manufacturer WMF. Exclusive and classic best describe the Hepp products. Hepp has a very broad collection of cutlery for the hospitality industry.

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