Tovari B.V. is proud to import and distribute Rona hotel glassware in the Netherlands.

Especially because Rona is currently one of the most innovative gastronomy glassware manufacturers in Europe.


Tovari B.V. is importer of many leading brands and has concluded many dealer agreements with various porcelain-producing companies. Including Steelite, Villeroy & Boch, Vista Allegro, RAK and Porvasal.

Porcelain is a specific type of ceramics. The properties are not the same as those of other earthenware.


The Tovari B.V. cutlery collection consists of various designs of knives, forks, spoons, tea spoons, fish cutlery, etc. manufactured in chrome steel, stainless steel and silver-coated. Coloured stainless steel cutlery in a variety of colours is also available such as bronze, gold and black in both mat and polyurethane, aka poly coating.

Table lamps

Tovari B.V. is proud to have acquired the exclusive rights to sell the most innovative table lighting concept in the Netherlands: Lumea.

Lumea, a concept based on small jars of paraffin wax with a 70 hour maximum burn time. It is safe, odourless and cost-efficient.

Buffet items

Tovari B.V. has a wide range of items for the professional buffet.

A buffet has to look perfect and good buffet items are essential to give it a taste of je ne sais quoi.

Kitchen equipment

We are spoilt for choice with the Tovari B.V. collection of pots and pans, oven dishes, whisks, cutting boards, professional chef’s knives, etc. We understand the importance of professional tools when creating works of art in the kitchen.